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Better Together

Love is the answer.
At least for most of the questions in my heart
Like why are we here? And where do we go?
And how come it's so hard?
It's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving.
I'll tell you one thing...
It's always better when we're together.
- jack johnson

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Yesterday morning Jess and I headed downtown and braved the weather to stop by the Savannah Book Festival. I had one thing on my mind and that was picking up a copy of Gregg Allman’s new book “My Cross to Bear” and to have it autographed for my Dad.

After circling downtown Savannah for parking we finally found a spot and made a dash to the book tent. I knew that he was going to sign a limited number of books and we were given number 134 out of 300. It was definitely chilly but the time passed quickly and Jess and I were able to catch up.

It was my turn to meet him. Yay! I knew there were a lot of people behind me, but he was so nice and didn’t rush you along. He chatted with me for a few minutes. I told him the book was for my Dad Layton who is a huge fan and lives across the river from him in Sunbury. I told him my Dad sings to him from his dock and when he is out in the boat. ha! He told me he would be listening for “Latyon’s Concert.” Dad, you can thank me later for getting you that gig.

I knew they weren’t allowing you to have other items signed, but I did take a copy of South Magazine that I had saved with Gregg on the cover and figured they could only tell me “no.” After we chatted and he signed the book I started to pull the magazine out of the purse and ask him if he was allowed to sign it. I really think he would have but a man from the book festival told me no (dang it!) and that they had to keep the line moving. I felt like Gregg would have singed it but the SBF guy didn’t give him a chance.

I thought about asking if he’d spout out a bit of my favorites “Blue Sky” and Sweet Melissa” or the one Dad always sings “No Angel,” but I resisted. I could’ve talked to him all day. You know, ask him about he and Cher… and how Elijah Blue is… and tell him that I’ve been to “The Big House” in Macon. But seriously, I do wish I would have told him I’ve been there, because peaking through the book there is a pic of him outside of “The Big House” talking about how proud he is of that place.

The SBF guy was trying to hurry me along but of course I asked for a pic and shimmied my way around the back of the table.

Just as we finished taking the pic Gregg asked me if I was married. What!?!? I know he likes the younger women. I had heard he was engaged to a 24 year old just last year. I told him I was and he said “just asking.” So I replied “well I’m flattered.” ha!

No Chris, I’m not running away with the Rambling Man… but what a great day!

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 

1 Corinthians 13:13

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog so I thought I’d check in. I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. We sure did. Here is a little recap of our day.

We had a little gift exchange even though I told Chris not to get me anything (I actually meant it) and just take me to dinner instead. Of course he didn’t play by the rules and gave me a new Boston Whaler tote bag for me to take in the boat (I loved that gift because it reminds me of something my dad would do), a bottle of Gaja wine, and the most gorgeous flowers I think he’s given me.

Here are my presents all wrapped up for him:

I gave him a framed print of a lab from Ballard Designs and a pair of Sperry Bedroom slippers because he’s been a little jealous of mine lately.



After exchanging gifts we made our way downtown for our reservation at Local 11 Ten.

As soon as we were leaving the neighborhood I could tell it was going to be a gorgeous sunset. I happened to have our nice camera in the car and kept telling Chris to pull over so I could snap some pics. He is Mr. timely so I am surprised he agreed. We finally pulled over about 10 minutes from home on Islands Expressway at a public boat ramp and I jumped out and started clicking away. Y’all it was breathtaking! A cop turned into the boat ramp and pulled up to ask me if I was getting some good ones. Indeed! 



Our dinner at Local 11 Ten was delish as always. The night before Scout and I were snuggled up and Chris was teasing saying “Scout you and Emily should just go to dinner together tomorrow night” since I am so in love with her. We had a good laugh at dinner because I looked down on the table and said “is that a Scout hair!?” I guess it fell off of his shirt. She was with us in spirit.

Scout got a few Valentine’s treats too. Her heart shaped paw makes me smile.

It was a great Valentine’s Day. Looking forward to a weekend in Savannah and the Book Festival downtown tomorrow. 

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Scout says “stop and smell the roses.”

Xx. e

Kimberly and I went on the “Jane Coslick Tybee Cottage Holiday Tour” (wow that was a mouthful) today. Jane restores old cottages and completely gives them new life. You really should see some of the before pictures of these places!! Quite the transformation.

We had a great time peaking into the many cute cottages. There were 17 cottages on the tour and we made it in about half of them. We ran out of time; although, stopping for a few cocktails may have had something to do with that. The weather was absolutely perfect. Nothing like 73 degree December weather, which only seems fitting for Tybee. 




Loved the guitar made out of old boards below… (Dad we might have another craft project, ha!)

I also loved the signs that spelled out words with oyster shells. Might be another project in my near future, considering I still have buckets full of shells in the garage collecting dust.

A few of the cottages had separate guest cottages that were just the size of the bedroom and nothing else. They were so quaint. The picture below is one of those guest cottages, and in that one you walked up a few stairs… almost treehouse like.

It seemed like EVERY cottage had an outdoor shower with galvanized tin to keep you from completely exposing your birthday suit. 

That’s is just Part I… Stay tuned for Part II. Lots more pictures to come. To learn more about Jane Coslick visit her website at 



In all thing, Give Thanks. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Kids, don’t try this at home…

It was higher than it looks, and my “Karate Kid” move wasn’t working for me.

Dell…. get me down!

Dad should have his own TV show, instead of “Everybody Loves Raymond”… “All The Kids,  Everybody Loves Layton.” 

Thanks to Pinterest I got the idea for Don’s 80th birthday gift. We reached out to friends, family, past colleagues, and bartenders met in travel and asked them to send in a favorite memory of Don. The response was great!

We thank each one of you who took just a few minutes to send Don your well wishes. I was so excited to run out to my mailbox every afternoon (and check my email) to see who had written. Don was definitely surprised and loved hearing from everyone. There were smiles, “thumbs up”, laughter, and I think I even saw him fighting back some tears (Amazing letter, Heather!).

The beginning stages of the project…

Letters came handwritten and typed and on all different types of papers and cards. I loved the variety. 

We wrapped the letters in a pretty gold box, and it was time to present Don with his birthday surprise-

He opened the first couple of letters and said “How did you get this?” :)

Mom and I sipped our wine and enjoyed spectating.

There were “short stories” and this one titled “On The Floor” was a favorite (but not all of the story is pictured)…

Some envelopes included pictures-

Scout “wrote a letter”


… and she “fetched” a big smile with it-

Another favorite was this letter from “Barack.” Very clever Mr. Bruce! 

Literally right after Don finished reading this letter, the phone rang. You’ll never believe who it was… Mitt Romney (recording) calling to wish Don a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mom and I got pretty tickled! Talk about timing.

Mom answered and was saying “Don, Mitt’s on the phone!”

Thanks Alice Parker for the wine!

The book is fabulous Kelly!

Turns out you can make a lot of terrific memories in 80 years and thanks to each of you Don was able to relive them. We cannot thank you enough, it was each of you who helped us create the perfect gift for Don!

Many, many, many thanks-

 Emily (& Charla)

Beth, Nick, and Katy Lane came to visit this weekend. I haven’t seen them in oh so long and we had a great weekend.

Saturday we headed to soak in some of downtown Savannah. We started off having lunch in City Market at Wild Wings, walked down to River Street to see the boats and hit up the candy shop, over to Leopold’s for the best ice cream in town, and then to Ellis Square to cool off in the fountain. A great day!

Heading out for the day… I love when Katy Lane makes this face!

Katy Lane and I had so much fun dancing. The band even gave her a little “shout out.”

Meeting “Henry the Horse” in City Market.

What a cute little fam. Katy Lane’s baby sister, Liz will be here before we know it.

And this picture just for fun… Katy Lane is a little wiggle worm, so I just kept snapping :)

Katy Lane was so funny when she found this little Scarecrow Doll in a corner at the Candy Shop. She kept staring at her and hugging her :)

How cute are these little parents? :) They headed out for a friend’s baby shower…  

So Katy Lane entertained me and Chris for the night. She loved flying on my legs and would get so excited!

Beth snapped this pic in our front yard this morning. Sweet home Savannah.

Mom came up to Savannah last weekend and we had a full schedule. Friday night we met the Durrence clan at the IMAX theatre to see “Finding Nemo” in 3D. I have always loved that movie, but it was even funnier than I remember. 

Before the movie we all got together for dinner. Of course I live the closest and was the last one there (go figure). I was walking in the parking lot to go find them in the restaurant and was greeted by Tinsley’s cute face in the window. Love that little rascal! 

Demery wanted me to take pics of her “funny faces” and of course I obliged.

Movie time!

Playing around after the movie…

This girl cracks me up, she’ll take a Barbie or a gun :)

Saturday night it was time to go see Sir Elton John tickle the ivories a bit. We had so much fun with the Murphy girls, just like the ‘ole times. This was my third time seeing Elton. The first time was actually in Venice, Italy! The opera house had burned down many years before and we happened to be there during their reopening festivities. It was a sold out (small) show but our hotel came through with the tickets. That night it was a very conservative and intimate show, just Elton and his piano. Unforgettable. The second time I saw him was in Savannah when I first moved here, and the third time this weekend did not disappoint.

Mom’s welcome sign.

South Magazine stopped us for a pic on the way in.

Our tickets were pretty high up, but my Supper Club friend Brandi was approached by someone that works for Elton’s tour just before the show and was upgraded to the front row, so I’m borrowing this picture from her (thanks, Brandi).

After the show…

Mags wanted to recreate our prom pose pic from when we were wee little tykes. Still friends after all these years. 

What a great weekend it was. 



"The cure for anything is salt water- sweat, tears, or the sea."

So we arrive to Sunbury Friday afternoon and we are relaxing on the front porch when Scout b-lines it. Full on sprint down the hill, into the marsh, through the mud, and yep… she’s swimming! 

A good swimmer she is, but her not knowing how to get out and fighting the current is what scared me to death. After Chris and I yelling at each other for what seemed like forever he finally strips down and jumps in.

Bad girl Scout!! Although, it appears she is pretty dang proud of herself in the looks of the picture below. Following this, we then find her in the neighbors pool! Ugh! 

Scout, don’t you dare even look at the water like that…

Saturday was fishing/boat day! I enjoyed the most peaceful walk on St. Catherine’s by myself, until I approached about 30 good samaritans doing a “Beach Sweep.”

After a nice morning out on the boat, we headed home to check on that pup of ours. We let her off the leash. Mistake. Back in the river she went. This time, way too far! 3 docks down to the “Shrimp Docks” so off Dad and Chris went in the boat to go rescue her.

Scout loves the coast just as much as I do and can’t seem to get enough of the “Medway River.”

Salt water. It does a body good.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive week.



Was it not the most perfect weather this past weekend?! Saturday Chris & I went to the beach, since we have probably been all of 3 times this summer. What!? We live at the beach and haven’t been going. I wasn’t taking no for an answer this weekend.

Saturday night Maggie, Jason, and their sweet black lab came over to grill out. Scout and Patsy played great, so great that we planned another play date for Sunday.

Sunday we headed to Ft. Pulaski, just a short 10 minute drive from our house and let the dogs swim. Dogs aren’t allowed on the beach in Savannah, but they do allow them at the Fort. When Chris and I first started dating we used to love going walking/bike riding at Ft. Pulaski and haven’t been out there in forever. I guess I had forgotten how pretty it really is.

I love this next picture of Chris and Scout and the fact that you can see the tennis ball in the air…

I think she is smiling…

Best girlfriends.

Ft. Pulaski is a beautiful place. Talk about a perfect Sunday afternoon!

Scout loved “swimming in the sand” as much as the sea.

All this excitement made for one tired pup…

Jason and Scout “holding down the fort.” Pun intended. 

Sandy ‘lil nose…

Sunday when we got home I kept calling our day “It’s all about Scout Sunday.” Then I read online that Sunday actually was “National Dog Day.” We spent it in the perfect way if you ask me.

We had another great weekend in Savannah. Friday night a group of us got together to go eat crab legs and soak in a sunset at AJ’S on Tybee.

Saturday morning Chris woke up to go play golf with Brandt in Bluffton and Scout and I were so lazy ALL day. The proof is in the pictures.

She seriously was sleeping with her eye rolled back and tongue out. I can’t get enough of this picture…

Saturday night we attended Keller and Brent’s wedding. We met up with a group at one of my favorite restaurants in Savannah, Leoci’s, and sipped some prosecco before heading to the ceremony. It was beautiful and the music Keller and Brent selected was so great. I loved seeing Keller walk down the aisle and about the time she got to where we were sitting I saw her glance over at her dad on her arm to see how he was doing :) Such a sweet moment.

Chris and I were walking back to the car to head to the reception and I got stopped by a fashion blogger named Mangue Banzima. His blog is “Qui Style in Savannah.” He recently moved from New York and also writes for Skirt Magazine. He asked for a picture and of course I went for it. Chris found this picture on his blog  Thanks, Mangue! 

We made our way to the reception at the Charles H. Morris Center. Keller’s wedding cake was a Rice Krispie Treat and was quite the hit!

Keller was absolutely gorgeous! LOVED her dress and statement necklace that she chose.

The band was “Loose Chain” from Atlanta and they were oh SO. MUCH. FUN. I don’t think I left the dance floor all night and my legs are still sore (hello 27). 

The boys wouldn’t hit the dance floor so Maggie and Becky were my dance partners for the night.

Mags and I learned all our moves from the Eleanor Brooks School of Dance back in the day. :)

Becky and I taking our final bow of the night. We got moves. Ha! Or we just think we got moves.

We ended the weekend Sunday night at a friend’s house for dinner. It was delicious! 

Feeling so blessed with a wonderful husband, precious pup, great friends, and a fabulous city. St. Simons and Sunbury will always be home, but the longer I live in Savannah the more it really does feel like home. Sweet Home Savannah. Nice ring, huh? 

Hope you all have a good week! I’m looking forward to a visit from my Mom this weekend. No backing out Charla. Scout is ready to snuggle!

Good night to all and Sweet Dreams,